HGC Week 1 By the Numbers

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Alright I know this is late but I wanted to start covering  Heroes Global Championship (HGC). As the title gives away, this first edition will be going over mostly stats by picks bans and win rates. The main reason for this is due to the major patches that changed the core game play after Blizzcon so we had no way of knowing what the would look like. We got a small glimpse at what the meta may be like at Gold Club World Championship (GCWC). Alright, that's enough of a preamble lets jump right into it!!!

Lets start with some overall stats with most popular, banned and picked.

HGC Week 1 Overall.PNG

As this overall chart show that Genji across all regions is something most teams do not want to deal with and rightly so. This follow as well with Abathur since he opens up and amplifies many heroes that are strong in the meta. The popular column is the combination of both pick and bans. This shows that Greymane seems to be a staple of the comps as well as Lucio and Rehgar seem to be comfort pick supports for teams. I still believe this a little early to tell and from an article posted by Blizzard with support choices by reason is also shown below as well. 


We continue on seeing the overall heroes with the highest win rate filtering out heroes with under five games so it doesn't out count any cheese or outliers. Overall, we see a normal trend with Medivh being an outlier for the teams that can pull him off well. Next, it gets a bit more interesting with Uther and Anub'arak. In the first week, Uther was highly prioritized by Korea for their support and then pairing that with dive tanks with their hyper aggressive style that they have become known for. Next up we have Malthael who has always been a strong pick against the double tank setups that are prominent in all regions. Jaina comes as a surprise since she hasn't been strong in the meta for a long time basically looking all the way back to the first season of professional HotS. Last we have ETC, who is always a mainstay tank to have on the team and we shouldn't be surprised to seem him up.

Overall Warriors.PNG
Overall Support.PNG
Overall Assassins.JPG

Next I wanted to look at the top picks for each roll. As mentioned earlier ETC is the most sucessful as the most popular tank and then followed by Dehaka who as global hero will always have a place. Arthas can double as the off lane or even main tank when paired with a support like Lucio. Muradin is always a solid front liner with solid engage and lock down. On to supports, Lucio was the most picked of the supports followed by Reghar. This is where the regions differentiate themselves. Lucio was favored by NA and Reghar was favored by EU for the first week. Uther was favored by Korea as mentioned previously. As for assassins I don't need to say anymore about Genji. Grey while being a top pick his win rate was not as stellar for the opening week. The real star of the first week is Hanzo with at least 57% win rate (See below). I've also added most popular picks with win rate for each region as you can see below. Which gives a solid idea of what heroes have been working and those that have not so you'll expect a few of those heroes to shift in popularity going forward.


So with that I know this is a little late as we are now done with the second week of the HGC for the 2018 season, but now that I have a format down I should be able to start getting this out to all of you in a more timely matter and stay tuned for the next edition! This is now where I kick to all of you and what do you all think of the start of HGC? Also a huge shout out to masterleague.net for providing an amazing resource to collect all these stats.