HGC EU - Is Team Dignitas the Best in the World?

The European side of the HGC has always been close matches. For me, I found my first team in Team Liquid to root for back in the first season of HGC they were always the underdogs just on the cusp of breaking through into the top tier teams. That was two years ago now, fast forward to today after the second week of play in the 2018. In a few short hours, we will see week 3 start. 

A short recap of the week had many story lines develop we saw Team Liquid fall in a nail biting set against former teammates on both sides against Diamond Skin.  This is a huge boost to Diamond Skin who many would see at the bottom of the standings . This puts Team Liquid at 2-1 after the second week.

Also at the other end we saw Fnatic taken on former Team Expert now Method with another former teammate and win a convincing 3 -1. Were we would expect the assumed number 2 team in the HGC.

This brings us to Sunday of Week 2 which had the most exciting matches of the weekend. The first match was Fnatic vs. Zealots. On the surface, most had thought that maybe Fnatic would drop a single map. But not this time, the series went the distance of the best of the best of 5. We saw some misplays on the side of Fnatic, but coming back for the win with some insane core calls and one with a difference in 2%!!! I highly recommend you check out the VODs here !

While it was intense we can see room for improve to the team cohesion for Fnatic, especially comparing them to their former setup last in which they had some of the most decisive plays in all of the HGC. I enjoy Bad Benny as a main tank player, but he's showing a bit of shakiness stepping into the solo lane roll. Possibly, limitations in hero pool as well as the mind set shift. As well as filling into the shoes of Wubby. 

All of those points compound with what I have to say about Dignitas. But first I want to share this clip from their series. 

This team has enough game sense to get engaged on and recover almost instantly!!! They completely wipe Method without breaking a sweat and its a beautiful thing to watch! These plays give me goose bumps and make me excited to try plays like this with my friends. Or just practice at this level its crazy when everything fires on all cylinders and why the criticism I have for the other teams may look even worse. How do you beat a team that's so comfortable together they can skip recover. I recommend the VODs here as well! Not to mention they had three changes in roster! 

Here's a quick overview of the changes:

  • Zaelia moved from Solo Lane to Support
  • Poilk came from Zealots 
  • Wubby traded from Fnatic

This list is crazy to me! Zaelia fits into the support role completely and plalys out of his mind. Poilk came from the Zealots of last season and was relatively unknown, but for me he is one of the most exciting players to watch. He can make plays with almost any hero and is truly a carry player for his team. As you watch the VODs keep an eye on what his hero does in the team fights. Finally, we get to Wubby who has always been an amazing solo laner. This roll doesn't get as much camera time since they are alone and usually a global hero but they get the team ahead and have to make sure they have enough awareness to not get picked of putting their team behind. He's always excelled at playing smart and macro oriented. 

Now to wrap it brings us to week 3 of the HGC EU. Dig will be facing of against the Leftovers which I don't see them having much trouble. This week will be a test to see who will be in the seats 2, 3, and 4. As we have Tricked, Team Liquid, Fnatic and Method all having one game against each other. The story lines of these teams are starting to get spicy and they will have be super close games. Also we can't sleep on the Zealots as well. Find the Schedule for the matches here. Watch the games live for EU starting at 11 AM CST Friday here!

See you next week!